aboriginal moroccan national identification cards

welcome moor nationals. we hope you have taken time to study our vast culture and heritage in morocco, also throughout the world. our website http://www.sceptreofjudah.org has blogs to bring you from the past to our current story being written, please research and learn. do share our blogs with other moors. if you are ready to take the next step with claiming your vast estate, then let us assist you with your status correction. order your status correction id today, see sample id below. we will no longer except the illegal “Christian Black Code” terms “BLACK,COLORED,NEGRO,AFRICAN AMERICAN,ETC. “we the people” stand firm in our legal and proper status as moorish nationals. we as natural flesh and blood beings have a right to self-govern our vast moroccan estates.

all rights reserved. we reserve the right not to process orders not approved by the moorish american consulate.

note: card is 30 mil PVC, transparent lamination on front & back, contains coat of arms, your thumb print on back, moorish national flag front & back. you will need to aquire and complete required documentation from moorish american consulate, look for Nationality Processing (Tier 1). then, obtain MAC number from link on homepage. to learn more, we are here to assist you. contact te king sceptreofjudah@gmail ,also send email once you have place an order via PayPal. we will need a passport photo of you and right thumb print in red ink. feel free to leave comments below. shalom.

This thread will shed some light on the creation of your strawman and how it benefits others. Not all information given is from a moorish perspective. Do your due diligence.

release your strawman & return to the moor status!
get your status corrected today!

video – your moorish national trust

we are not attorneys and this is not legal advise. those who wish to remain subject to the “Black Christian Codes” that is your choice. this information is provided for those moors who want to uplift a fallen humanity and live better lives for themselves and their tribes.


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