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excerpt The Essene Gospel of Peace

And Jesus answered, “Happy are you that hunger for the truth, for I will satisfy you with the bread of wisdom. Happy are you that knock, for I will open to you the door of life. Happy are you, that would cast off the power of Satan, for I will lead you into the kingdom of our Mother’s angels, where the power of Satan cannot enter.” Translated by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely

Welcome to the forum for learning truth about who, why and what you are in this life. Are you wondering what your purpose is in life? We may have the answers you seek or can put you on the path to enlightenment. We study in this forum teaching of the greatest teachers whomever lived among us. However, we do pattern our lives after the Traditions of our elders “The Essenes”. Who were the Essenes, you may ask? very real supermen and superwomen who learned to harness their inner powers and share with an elite few whom could master the law. Though their hebrew names differ, Some of our ancestors are John the Baptist, Jesus the Nazarene, Enoch, among others. These studies will inspire you to be.