Zodiac Constitution Birth Right of the Moorish Americans


Moorish history is the supreme science of the 12 signs of the Zodiac Law and Constitution upon which civilization is founded particularly, the United States of North America.

C.M. Bey


NATURAL RIGHTS ARE THOSE RIGHTS such as life (from conception), LIBERTY and the
The 12 signs of the Zodiac with the mathematical system of numerology, and the science of geometry (G), comprise the
Constitution of the living Asiatic MOORISH Nation of North America (Moors) labeled as, non-national “Negroes, Colored,
Afro-Americans, Blacks, African-Americans, Indians, West Indians, Caribbean, etc.,” who ruled the world within the
Ottoman Empire, for eleven hundred and ninety-six (1196) years, until the Amazon Dutch German; the Catholic
Priesthood Fathers of the Revolution of 1789 AD; the Sisterhood of the Magna Charta; the Emancipation Proclamation,
and the Union Society of European Supremacy in the year of 1863 AD., by natural exploration and navigation using the
celestial bodies as a map and compass in all endeavors of life.
The Science of Astrology in the 12 signs of the Zodiac; the Sun, Moon, and Planets, is the oldest science in the world, and
a manuscript in which histories of humanity in past ages are read. It enables mankind to know self; it provides direction
for human destiny, and it’s the only science that enables people to become supreme moral law unto their selves. In
order for the people to secure their economic and social status, they must first endeavor to equally secure their
economic and social status of the unfortunate ones that dwell amongst them – which solves all social problems.

Moorish Governing Body Responsibility
“WE THE PEOPLE” created the Constitution as the essential guide for our own governing.
We the people of the Living Moorish-American Nation that encompass the governing bodies of the 12 are entrusted
with the knowledge of the Natural Law of the Zodiac and understand the forces that govern the Law of Cause and Effect.
This knowledge enables self-restraint and allows for adjustments to be made that result in good and faithful reasoning
and decision-making as to navigate to counter the influences of the universe that exist in lower-nature for the benefit of
the whole. Moorish governing bodies protect and serve birthrights and wellbeing of the people, and prevent recurrent
atrocities of history where rulers of nations force members of the human family into ignorance and despair for the
purpose of oppressive rulership. Decisions are based on freedom, justice, human equality, prosperity, peace, and culture
for the world – with respect for Mother Earth.

Zodiac Constitution Birth Right of the Moorish Americans
Bey, EL, Al, Ali, Dey and Pasha were the original ‘We the People.”
Since the 12 Juryman’s of the 48 Union States Magna Charta document of white supremacy that was instrumental in
European colonization of the Americas, and the nine judges of their Supreme Court were all founded upon Moorish
Mathematical 12 signs Zodiac Constitution, the U.S.A lawmakers have no jurisdiction over free MOORS within and
without of the borders of their own inherited lands of the MOORISH Nation, namely, U.S.A/North America, Canada and
Central and South Americas. The MOORISH American nationality and the Moorish sir names, are inherited Birthrights
without a legal due process of the lawmakers of the U.S.A.
(1) Everyone has the right to a nationality
(2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of [their] nationality nor denied the right to change [their] nationality
(United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 15)
MOORISH Forefathers of former times are the identical Moors of the present day without a doubt or contradiction.

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