“Jordan Peele’s Awakening Us on 5 – Spoiler Alert”

video by “Tha Jokerz”

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the great moorish awakening within the northgate “Morocco” [American] gate continues. in “Jordan Peele’s Movie Us”, he depicts the dual natures of our higher and lower self. he shows “Us” the true horror and damage we have done to ourselves by being programmed by the “Matrix” in which we are born here in north america. this “Matrix” can be shattered when our higher energy vibration awakens from within and challenges our old selves to awaken to a higher calling as represented by the characters portrayed in solid red jumpsuits throughout the movie. these characters do away with the old matrix version of themselves by cutting the tethered spiritual connection with the golden scissors. ancient text and books have spoken of the connection of the golden cord which bounds “Us” to the energy which gives “Us” all life here on planet earth.

there is much symbolizism in this movie about the great moorish awakening which begins with the beach scene, when the red 5 pointed star frisbee lands on the blanket which has blue round circles. red, the color of the moorish flag and the 5 pointed star represents love, peace, truth, freedom and justice. “Peele” reinforces these with the themed song, ” I Got 5 on it”.

our lead character “Adelaide Wilson” shows “Us” our true power of islam (i self law am master) through destroying her lower self, whom was consumed with programming from the matrix since birth as indicated by the ballet dance scene. she then receives the level of mastery at the end scene with the blood crecent moon and sword on the right side of her face, after destroying her lower self.

my conclusion of the movie. the characters in the red jumpsuit whom live underground, represents the blood of our ancestors which is the spiritual tether that binds “Us” to our true power. the ancestors awakening depicted in the scenes which show the golden scissors ✂ , are ready to cut the cord so that they can ascend to a higher plane. they have been tethered too long to a bloodline trapped in the matrix. we must awaken and be the rightful heirs of the empire promised to “Us”.

flag for the emperor

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