Pan American Conference 1928

The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali and Bro. C. Kirkman-Bey went to the Pan American Conference in 1928. At that time, the Holy Prophet went there and represented the Moors, and there was an Indian Chief representing the American Indians. The Conference was in Havana, Cuba, and the nations of both North, South and Central America were present. Secretary of State Hughes of the United States represented the United States at this conference. Bro. C. Kirkman-Bey was the interpreter for the Holy Prophet at this conference. Bro. I. Cook-Bey said that when the Holy Prophet and Bro. C. Kirkman Bey’s ship was tied up at the dock, the Cuban army was standing on the dock, and Bro. Kirkman-Bey said something to them in Spanish, and the army came to attention, then he and the Holy Prophet came down from the ship. At the conference, Bro. C. Kirkman-Bey addressed the conference in both Spanish and Arabic, and when the Secretary of State of the United States heard Bro. Kirkman-Bey speak, he said, “That’s a dangerous man.” Up to that period of time, the United States received a 50 year mandate for this land. At this conference, the mandate for this land was given to Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Bro. G. Cook-Bey, G.S. (Emeritus) of Temple One said that Prophet Noble Drew Ali showed us the mandate in the Adept Chamber.


  1. It’s truly unfortunate that the Adept Chamber was scheming and plotting before Drew Ali passed. That he told them that they wouldn’t be able to comprehend what he did in Cuba.
    Growing up in the MST of A the separation from 1928, I was born in ’78, caused much harm and allowed others to present narrative that is inconsistent with the teachings, words e actions of Drew Ali.
    Chapter XXV
    We all need each other, we can’t survive and uplift when there are (for example 5-8 “Temples” in my city (Philadelphia) and all claiming a different charter to be correct.
    We must UNIFY to survive. We can not continue to allow others to “present” who we are.

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