The Most Influential Hebrew Music Artists on The Planet

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The Moor Nation is on the rise thanks to a handful of musical artists, teachers and supporters of truth. Truth referring to exposing the lies of false teachings of founding Europeans and a fabricated history of Moors also known as Hebrews or Israelites here in North America.

Moor Artists have tapped into the divine knowledge of their ancient ancestors and are expressing the true teachings through their music. Teachings that restore our people to a lost language, culture and values in a time when American society is under heavy attack from those who undermine Ancient Moor (Hebrew) family cultural value systems.


These brothers and sisters have returned with the law of The Most High, using the sword of the spoken word to correct Hebrews and Heathen alike. Their core message is clear, return to Torah. Through their platforms combined they are reaching millions of people each year and there is no stopping the movement. Just as written prophecy has predicted from ancient scriptures, the throne is being return to the rightful heirs, it’s only a matter of time. American Society and other nations will benefit from this uplifting transformation, which will return family values, respect, honor, dignity and a sound culture to the Americas, once the true teachers and priests return to their rightful place.


Though these musical artists have great talent and messages for the masses. They are very humble men and women. Many give their talent and hard studio work to the masses without pay. This is a very noble act on their part, in a attempt to educate the ignorant and uplift the poor concerning their spiritual nature. It is amazing to me that many of these artists have immediate family to care for and support, so have regular jobs, but are still inspired and have the energy to produce such quality music for The Most High. I encourage you to support these Artists by donating every chance you get, as a blessing to them. You will also bless others with your gift through the spoken divine word of the Artists.

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