consulate article iii courts & national status in moroccan empire

moroccan national flag

welcome fellow moors. as a national you will have the full support of fellow moors across morocco and eventually the world. you are supporting a growing global movement of brotherhood and sisterhood. unity is the key to our legacies and will ensure a secure and prosperous new generation of moors who know their true history, not fabricated through whitewashing or the tarnishing the images of our fellow moor leaders and pioneers.

we realize that everyone is busy making a living, but do take a moment to reflect on all the injustice you have read or seen concerning many of those who do not know they belong to the moorish nation in the last few years. we need everyone on board because injustice to one moor is a injustice to our empire. as moors we must become the eyes, ears and protectors for our own communities and not rely on others nations to solely be responsible for our security and well being. there was a time when families consisted of both mother and father in one home. there was a time when children respected their parents and neighbors as well. other nations have conspired to destroy unity within our communities. it is our duty to restore moorish communities.

we need teams in every town, city, county and state within morocco [america], where moor people reside.

losing even just one life due to another’s foolishness is one life taken from our family unnecessary. every moor who has claim their nationality will defend fellow men, women, and children who are moors, against anyone harming them and seek justice for those who cause their tribe/clan death.

purpose: bring together moors across morocco to create unity, security, safety for families. as men and women it is our duty to protect our tribes/clans. the purpose of this board is to bring together crisis teams to respond to life threatening situations which may affect fellow moors in various states throughout morocco. members of this board and/or teams are voluntary moors who are upstanding moroccans who defend fellow brothers, sisters and children within moor communities.

reason: in response to moor missing children, moor missing persons, moor abused elderly, moors abuse by other nations, murder of moors by moors, murder of moors by other nations, wrongly accused moors, injustice of courts of other nations, innocent moors accused of a crime, education of moors identified as other (negro, black, colored, etc.) under the “color of law” doctrines in morocco by americans. 

duties: work with other nations to secure the well being of all moorish nationals. to protect all moroccans from harm. to protect all moor women and children from harm. seek justice for all moroccans through consular courts.

goal: assist moor families with information and protection concerning their well being or the well being of fellow moors. re-establish the unity between moor men and moor women which has been destroyed by the various systems of other nations. provide updated realtime true public information concerning cases using response team efforts of assisting fellow moors. report all findings to sceptre of judah national coordinator for news and education and the Moroccan consulate; establishing a true foundation for all moorish people who want to live in morocco with Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. 

call to action: moor men & women at least 18 years of age mature, please provide your name, city, state, zip code, phone # and email in the comment section below. please give the reason you would like to be a team member. lead coordinators will be designated for each state. background check and references required. when a crisis arises, moroccans will coordinate their efforts together with the moor victim or victim’s family to resolve the issue in a peaceful manner or through moor consular courts.

requirements: must be of sound mind, must be born in morocco, moorish, must have a solid study foundation and knowledge of holy koran circle 7 prepared by noble drew ali, teachings of christ jesus (yashua), treaty of peace and friendship, and other treaties, also international law.

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bookmark this page and forward it to other moors residing in your state whom you know are upstanding moroccans wanting to assist a moor brothers, sisters or children in crisis.

we do not condone any illegal or criminal activity. our duly is to the moorish people. we do not interfere with the business or investigations of other nations, unless it concerns a moorish man, woman, or child.

elteridon bey national moorish consul

if you have not enough time at the moment, your DONATION is greatly appreciated and will help support those who research, coordinate, report news and volunteer their time to the moor nation.