public notice – moorish national government activates gold backed treasury with 666 trillion in sovereign dollarium

by light tajiri bey

public notice

attention: this is to those dba as [States] and [Governors] who are desperately needing funding for corona virus medical issues: the people who are the sovereign original indigenous moorish national republic federal government have placed on the public record, an abundant sum in gold (666 trillion msd for the nations of the earth and 700 trillion msd in the original unincorporated united states treasury) that can be used to assist with the current [pandemic], however, your consent to honor our sovereign authority as you originally agreed to do when you came here to our land of morocco [america] is mandatory. we stand ready to assist with your [previously agreed to] consent to honor our sovereign status nunc pro tunc. additionally, according to [Mario Cuomo dba VICE CHAIRMAN OF THE NATIONAL GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION] and [Donald J Trump dba PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES], your CAPITALISM SYSTEM mechanism has made it impossible for you to get “funds” directly into the hands of the citizens. we are the solution to that as well in that, as stated in the video posted here, we, the people, can create in large numbers and use universal gold backed sovereign creditor instruments from our moorish national republic federal government treasury today in our territories to fill the needs of those in our territories. we have moorish [american] consulates all over our lands ready to assist. here is how it works:

the original indigenous sovereign moorish [american] nationals create the universal sovereign gold backed creditor instruments which are then used to purchase goods in their territories for the people as needed. then, the merchants send the sovereign creditor instruments to [Steven T Mnuchin] who will give to the merchants, the lawful money for the goods and services. this process can be implemented after you have informed all agents principals heirs and assigns publicly that they are to accept our universal original indigenous sovereign creditor instruments with moorish national [american] identification and a moorish american consulate number. with the fore sight of our ancestors, we have been and continue to inform all merchants in our territories. we do so again with this public post, and with the declarations and proclamations of the moors and all sovereign documents that have been placed on the public record by the moors nunc pro tunc.

our lawfull gold backed sovereign creditor instruments can be used at all grocery stores, [banks], and all commercial merchants but your consent to the law as stated above is mandatory. [Donald J Trump] and [Steven T Mnuchin] already have the two universal lawful sovereign creditor affidavits and sovereign creditor instruments as stated herein. peace and grand rising.

this information is reported as article III court moroccan law, public notice, news, study, research and education for community improvement throughout the world. te king

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