sovereign court action – FEDERAL RESERVE CORP and U.S. MINT CORP march 24 2020 by moorish americans

by light tajiri bey

sovereign (n.)

late 13c., “superior, ruler, master,” from Old French soverain “sovereign, lord, ruler,” noun use of adjective meaning “highest, supreme, chief” (see sovereign (adj.)). Meaning “gold coin worth 22s 6d” first recorded late 15c.; value changed 1817 to 1 pound.

national (adj.)

“of or pertaining to a nation or a country regarded as a whole; established and maintained by the nation; peculiar to the whole people of a country,” 1590s, from Middle French national (16c., from Old French nacion), and also from nation + -al (1). Opposed to local or provincial (or in the U.S., state).

sceptre of judah website supports the divine sovereign rights of all moorish indigenous peoples.

this information is reported as news and education for the improvement of our moorish communities throughout the world.

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