misclassified in 2020 time to say enough! unity tribal nationalism drive going on now!

you know the saying, you better stand for something or you risk falling for anything. what does it take for you to finally stand up for your brother, sister, child, mother, father, etc.? how many more must fall victim of violence before you actually do something about the injustice of albion, whose nature is to cause non-stop violence against your tribes and the tribes throughout the world.

all moor tribes must unite and take a stance once and for all moors. violence against any moor national will not be tolerated in the americas or anywhere.

join the movement for status correction now by clicking here.

if not for yourself, then think of those you love, think of your heirs.

who are moors? anyone in the americas, who has been illegally classified as BLACK, COLORED, NEGRO, AFRICAN AMERICAN, etc. see Christian Black Codes click here. according to The Holy Koran, prepared by Noble Drew Ali. the Moors lost their nationality in 1774, because they failed to follow the creeds on their ancestors and strayed after the unfamiliar GODS of Europe.

it was the moors who brought civilization to the americas. the moors possess royal titles to the americas. including all allodial land and including all wealth.

if you still need a reason to unite your tribes with the moorish american federal republic govenment, see the videos below. when we come together as strength, these happenings will cease.

how you are seen, in law!

View definition of Christian Black Codes click here.

notice the Media’s use with the false terms created in Christian Black Codes. they fail to correct the illegal terms. at the same time using the term white to describe the Albion.

misclassified black c. kenzee

misclassified black powell

misclassified as black

misclassified black clark

misclassified black t. martin

misclassified black w. scott

“always defending their own”

te king

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