stolen legacy!

there are 2 different people. the real aboriginal americans who are the heirs and the US Citizens. the real americans are the soverign power, but fail to claim their status. instead claim second class citizenship setup for them reflected in the “Christian Black Codes“. the US Citizens from other lands, have stolen the status of the american heirs and heiresses. they are protecting their own people. the aboriginal american heirs have to declare their nationality and work together as government, away from the US CORPORATION, which works for US Citizens. soverigns are first class status and US citizens are second class. they will continue to protect their own, until those who are claiming the second class status “Black”,”African American”,etc. step up and claim their nationality and inheritance. It’s not about racism, it’s about status correction. your inheritance is not about being equal to the Albion. your inheritance is your american estate. aboriginal americans own all the wealth. rise moors!

Claim your estate

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