moroccan sharon tracey gale bey political captive

Update 3/16/21 sharon tracey gale bey moroccan sovereign released by Albion foreigners of the CORPORATE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

a modern day moorish empress who fights for moroccan people in these times is a rare jewel. but, in 2020 there is one whom has awaken many unconscious moors throughout the morocco empire, her appellation is sharon tracey gale bey. empress sharon who is known for her brilliant conscious presentations which have corrected the status for many seeking to remove themselves from under the “Christian Black Codes” in morocco. she has herself has been the victim of the Ablion (Citizens) in Delaware County, Pennsylvania who have refused to recognize the “treaty for peace and friendship”, causing an international jurisdiction dispute between the moroccan moors and the Ablion subjects (U S Citizens) enforcing policy which do not apply to the heirs & heiresses in morocco.

to all moors, support empress sharon and the moorish national federal government with uplifting and building our communities across the lands.

by empress sharon tracey gale bey

see how the Albion uses retaliation tactics against empress sharon who stands her ground against those “Subject” to her. the next chapter has yet to be written. support empress sharon and the cause to uplift moorish people across the lands.

our moorish national federal government orders removal of empress sharon from Ablion jurisdiction.

awakening from the “Christian Black Codes” by “moorish [american] consulate nw”

to proclaim your moorish nationality and obtain free forms for declaration go to website for the

moorish government training by FEZ UP

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