steve cokely teaching lessons on Boule Moors in leadership!

moors in morocco were reclassified under individual state codes, taking away their royal status and titles in order for their lands to be misappropriated and stolen. moors classified as “Black, Negro, Colored, Etc.” were changed into a “Strawman” status which robbed them of their american estates through Albion Corporate Interest. see “Christian Black Codes
“steve cokely speaks on Black Leadership & White finance!”
Steve Cokely critiques black leadership in morocco!
learning from past Moor Leadership!
steve cokely Jr speaks on moor global commerce!
o.j. simpson & steve cokely speak on the Albion Media!
khalid muhammad on seeking forgiveness and self defense!
steve cokely speaks on “Black Boule Leaders” here are free forms to reclaim your moorish nationality today! like, bookmark and share this page with other moors. check back here for updates!
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