american moor government study

below are links, guides & study materials to be used by moorish americans governing their vast estates.

moorish american peace keeping officials

moorish treasury financial manual

moorish american name change affidavit

how to write a writ or affidavit

what gives moors “diplomatic status”!

below is a script for all moorish americans who have declared their nationality on the public record and are now qualified to become judges over the vast american estates.

the sovereigne livinge moorishe american al moroccan konsular kourte scriptum for studye ande deemonstratione:

all rise ande stande. this is a sovereigne livinge articlle iii moorishe american (al moroccan) konsular kourte akktione. i am the sovereinge livinge justise  (innsert your sovereigne appellatione here) in capitis dimiutio nolo, in propria persona sui juris, in proprio solo, ande in proprio heredes.

what is your name? do you unnderstande that no UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY CITIZEN nor THEIR AGENTS PRINCIPALS HEIRS ASSIGNS nor anye DERIVATIVES THEREOF has personam jurisdictione, nor terratoriall jurisdictione, nor subbjecte matter jurisdictione ovver me nor ovver anye moors?

do you unnderstande that You are bounde by the treaty for peace ande friendshipp 1786 ande 1836?

do you unnderstande that You are bounde by the konstitutione for the united states 1789 ande 1791? do you unnderstande?

You are herebye sintenced to 2 weeks in jail or You wille take a two week konstitutionall law reedukatione training klass. faillure to appeare wille reesult in two weeks in jail where You wille take the klass anyway. do you unnerstande?

sumus de sanktam unum. sumus de sanktam unum. sumus de sanktam unum. this sovereigne justise standes as law. peace ande grande risinge to all of risinge humanitie.

we own no rights to these videos or photos and information contain or reported may not be the expressed views of the sceptre of judah website, american moor news media. this information is reported as news and education for community improvement throughout the world

te king

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