document downloads for moorish american sovereigns

moorish american flag

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moorish congress

protocols for charging and arresting

note: some forms use ancient english. these forms are presented for moorish american sovereign study and may be used based on individual overstanding for moorish government procedures. this information is not legal advice and may not apply to your particular situation. all sovereign moorish nationals must declare their nationality on the public record before executing any action as a declared sovereign national on their american estates.

unknowingly, your mother/father when you were born allowed the Corporate structure to create a strawman with your birth name which allowed Corporations to create fraud with your birth name. click here for details.

as a moorish american i have appellation not “name”.

for this reason as sovereign moorish american nationals, we declare our royal titles to our appellation for inherited estates such as el, bey, dey, ali. which are our blood ties to all lands.

appellation (n.) “designation, name given to a person, thing, or class,” mid-15c., from Old French apelacion “name, denomination” (12c.), from Latin appellationem (nominative appellatio) “an addressing, accosting; an appeal; a name, title,” noun of action from past-participle stem of appellare “address, appeal to, name” (see appeal (v.)).

moorish american sovereign national forms:

name change affidavit

termination of all Corporate Contracts

commercial code 1 lien

moorish american consular court action for appearance

natural divine land title

natural divine land insurance

national moorish government republic seale

moorish consulate government seale

moorish american republic government revokes all Corporate Charters!

we own no rights to these videos or photos and information contain or reported may not be the expressed views of the sceptre of judah website, american moor news media. this information is reported as news and education for community improvement throughout the world

te king

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