moroccan battle at the “Texas” alamo

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in 1821 the moors of mexico government allowed United States Citizens to work in
the territory of Texas, in hopes of development and
economic gain. the United States Citizens were given lands to work, all they had to
do was obey moorish law and pay their fair taxes and fees.

by 1830, uninvited U.S. Citizens were arriving,
and they tended to show less respect for the moorish government and it’s islamic

new U.S. Citizens arriving in the americas began ignoring
required immigration laws and some found
ways to circumvent mexico’s 1829 moorish abolition of slavery with the introduction of writing contracts for employment with moors in the americas for 99 years or more. moors would be unwillingly tricked into signing with the mark of x agreeing to voluntary servitude, changing them from their sovereign status which was illegal according to moorish law.

on april 6, 1830, the moorish government of mexico passed a law forbidding future immigration from the United States which
greatly curtailed the U.S. Citizens economic freedoms. the annulment of civil and state rights throughout mexico led to rebellion in two places in 1835: zacatecas and texas.

uprising, general antonio lopez de santa anna lebron the moorish president turned his attention to dealing with the U. S. Citizens in Texas, who, by late 1835, had initiated a provisional government and began to form militias.

after quelling the zacatecas, moorish president santa anna lebron sent his
brother-in-law, general martin perfecto de cos, to arrest troublemakers and fortify the garrison at san antonio de bexar. general martin perfecto de cos
was defeated by 300 U.S Citizens. this began the war in texas between the moors and U.S. Citizens, also know as the Texas War for Independence.

the moorish government in mexico sent out a circular which read:
the U.S. Citizens in texas have recently
given the most unequivocal evidence of the extremity to which perfidy, ingratitude, and the relentless spirit that animates them can go forgetting what they owe to the supreme government of
the nation, which so generously admitted them into its bosom. active measures will be taken to rectify this crime against the whole nation.

excerpt from article Torch Magazine by Michael E Anderson, Bachelor of Science

moorish battle against France at Mexico Puebla 1862

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