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morocco and palestinian moslems declare peace
moroccan moslem national flag
palestine moslem national flag
tigray moslem national flag
tigray nationals protest in London
about the god in you! by empress crys
the war between indigenous people and colonizers! by emperor ralph smart
Imagine by John Lennon
War, enforced by United States Corporation, not supported by sovereign moslem americans.
war (n.) “to confuse, mix up”. Cognates suggest the original sense was “to bring into confusion.” First record of war-time is late 14c. Warpath (1775) originally is in reference to North American Indians, as are war-whoop (1761), war-paint (1826), and war-dance (1757). War crime is attested from 1906 (in Oppenheim’s “International Law”). source: etymology online
war against indigenous people in palestine  news by emperor rami moors gate in palestine (Gates of the Temple Mount) moors (moabites) holy lands in the morocco  moab, utah holy lands for the moors (moabites) in the morocco
rockets in palestine curses reversed by big judah
President of Maldives Ibrahim Mohamed Soleh tweeted: “The people of Maldives stand in solidarity with #Palestine. #FreePalestine” “The stance of Maldives is clear; we stand against injustice and in solidarity with the Palestinian people’s struggle to secure their inalienable right to statehood. All relations between Maldives and Israel remain suspended, including the ban on Israeli products,” President’s spokesperson said. With that move tourists from Israel won’t be allowed to enjoy their vacations in tourism scenic spot Maldives, along with exchange of Israelian made products. Israeli (n.) “citizen of the state of Israel,” 1948, from Israel + Hebrew national designation suffix -i. Also used in English as the adjective (1948). It distinguishes the citizens of the modern state from the ancient people who had been known in English since 14c. as Israelites (see Israelite). Palestinian 1875 (adj.) “of or pertaining to the Holy Land;” 1905 (n.) “an inhabitant of Palestine,” from Palestine + -ian. Also in early use with reference to Jews who settled or advocated Jewish settlement in that place. Palestine from Latin Palestina (name of a Roman province), from Greek Palaistinē (Herodotus), from Hebrew Pelesheth “Philistia, land of the Philistines” (see Philistine). In Josephus, the country of the Philistines; extended under Roman rule to all Judea and later to Samaria and Galilee. Revived as an official political territorial name 1920 with the British mandate. Under Turkish rule, Palestine was part of three administrative regions: the Vilayet of Beirut, the Independent Sanjak of Jerusalem, and the Vilayet of Damascus. In 1917 the country was conquered by British forces who held it under occupation until the mandate was established April 25, 1920, by the Supreme Council of the Allied Powers at San Remo. During the occupation Palestine formed “Occupied Enemy Territory Administration (South),” with headquarters at Jerusalem. Source: etymology online
war against indigenous people in north & south morocco. the U.S. Corporation plans to spread vaccines worldwide under the guise of “America” #hellno2vaccines
tigray national flag
tigray nationals protest in morocco Las Vegas
tigray 96% Christian and 4% moslem protest genocide. we own no rights to these videos or photos and information contain or reported may not be the expressed views of the sceptre of judah website,moor news media. this information is reported as news and education for community improvement throughout the world te king


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