moorish land property claims in morocco will the supreme grand council be activated?

moRocca empire national flag
why is nationality important? the game is rigged monopoly if you are identifying as “Black”!
notice of removal of cases to moorish article iii courts this information is provided for sovereign moorish americans who have declared their nationality on the public record and have access to their sovereign gold backed trust.
national trust moorish federal government document
moorish science sovereign real estate analytics morocco property listings nationwide increasing the number for moorish article iii courts in morocco are on the rise. the number of liens are expected to increase throughout the morocco. the question remains whether or not, will the “Moorish Science Temple of America” fulfill the role “Noble Drew Ali” intended for it in establishing and activating the “Supreme Grand Council” to settle disputes between moroccans such as in the situation of “Shanetta Little“.
“Shanetta Little”
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