aboriginal moroccan creditors governing their lands in “America” enforcing treaty authority to collect taxes from U.S. Citizens

empire state flag for Moroccan government
Noble Drew Ali

“I am going to stop the European from thinking, and start you (The Moors) to thinking for your own good.” Noble Drew Ali

Who’s running the UNITED STATES CORPORATION? Dane Calloway

 “One day, every wheel of industry is going to stop, and when they start up again, it will be in the Asiatics favor.” Noble Drew Ali

AMPAC Study Session LXIII (63)

qadi, Arabic qāḍī, a Moslem judge who renders decisions according to the Sharīʿah (Islamic law). The qadi’s jurisdiction theoretically includes civil as well as criminal matters.

tax (v.) c. 1300, “impose a tax on,” from Old French taxer “impose a tax” (13c.) and directly from Latin taxare “evaluate, estimate, assess, handle,” also “censure, charge,” probably a frequentative form of tangere “to touch,” from PIE root *tag- “to touch, handle.” Sense of “to burden, put a strain on” first recorded early 14c.; that of “censure, reprove” is from 1560s. Its use in Luke ii for Greek apographein “to enter on a list, enroll” is due to Tyndale. Related: Taxed; taxing. source etymonline

tax (n.) early 14c., “obligatory contribution levied by a sovereign or government,” from Anglo-French tax, Old French taxe, and directly from Medieval Latin taxa, from Latin taxare (see tax (v.)). Related: Taxes. Tax-deduction is from 1942; tax-shelter is attested from 1961. source etymonline

Marcus Garvey El (left)
Noble Drew Ali (right)

“The Moors once ruled the world; now get ready to rule it again. But this time its going to be done under Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.” Noble Drew Ali

this information is reported as article III court moroccan law, public notice, news, study, research and education for community improvement throughout the world. te king

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