Moroccan Empire State National Diplomat Identification requirements

Morocco Empire state government Flag

Reasons for Diplomatic Government Credentials

Morocco Empire State Government Issued

International Travel freedom

AA Citizenship status

Treaty Law Enforced

Lawful Consul Title for estates

International Port Government Officer

Tribal/Clan protections

Issuance writs, levies, liens

Non-Taxed Treaty enforced


In international law. The instruments which authorize and establish a public minister in his character with the state or prince to whom they are addressed. If the state or prince receive the minister, he can be received only in the quality attributed to him in his credentials. They are, as it were, his letter of attorney, his mandate patent, mandatum manifcstum. Vattel, liv. 4, c. 6, Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd edition

No PASSPORT needed, as you (consul) are the part and parcel owner/officer for all Moroccan Empire ports.

click here for: What is considered identification in the United States?

If your diplomat identification is approved by the Morocco Empire state government, you are declaring that you are a Morocco national for said government and entitled to all rights for nationals, who are part and parcel of the Morocco Empire state government (nation state) as established by the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. Your allegiance shall be to the same. You further lien and levy all illegal unlawful persons and foreign governments who use hypothecation to gain access to Morocco estates for illegal gains and unlawful taxation. You agree to maintain the highest status for citizenship. AA means first class status in North America (Morocco), and is registered in the Library of Congress and the United States Department of Justice, reference the United States Codes AA222141, AA222142, AA222143 and Clock of Destiny volumes 1 & 2 filed by Master Mason C.M. Bey.

Below are items we need from you to process your Morocco Empire state government diplomat identification. This identification will serve as an official nation state diplomat credential. Your diplomat credential is not identification for the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. Visit M.S.T. of A. to obtain Temple membership which is the foundation for our government.

To order contact Vizier for Morocco Registration elteridon bey 608-909-1187 or email

Click here to make payment to $MoroccoRegistration (for: Diplomat)

The following information should be sent to email address attention: vizier for records, elteridon bey; request Morocco Empire national diplomat identification card. A video chat or in person conference may be required to verify nationality and determine eligibility before card issuance.

Facial photo (preferably with fez or turban on head)

appellation (name and title el/bey)

Born date



Natural eye color

Natural man or wombman status

Moroccan Declaration and Proclamation

Other than minor traffic violations, what crimes have you committed?

Your consulate post mailing location

Initial Registration fee and processing $125

2nd year + Registration renewal fee $99

As a Moroccan minister/consul/ diplomat in the lands of the Morocco Empire you are required to study and know Morocco international treaty laws for the land, as these treaty laws provide the best protection for all Moroccan nationals their tribe/clan and affiliates.

Members of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. who have Temple Identification card are entitled to 1/2 off the initial registration fee for diplomats, but must pay the annual service fee to Morocco Registration the 2nd year and beyond.

Morocco matriarch lineage will determine eligibility for Morocco part and parcel land heirship. All other tribe/clan affiliations can be placed in your international private trust for protection. Registration fees will apply to each living natural man or wombman in the trust who is issued diplomat identification.

Our above Morocco Empire state matriarch red flag with green 5 pointed star will be on all identification cards. Our below tribal/clan flag is the purple Iroquois flag. If you wish to have a different tribal/clan flag please forward picture before printing.

Iroquois tribal/clan flag

International treaty law study links

Morocco Treaty of Peace and Friendship with United States of America 1786

1880 Treaty at Madrid right of protection in Morocco

Law for the Moor

Seal for the Morocco Empire State Consulate Court

*Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Science Temple of AmericaInc. are de jure government for all Moroccan heirs and heiresses in northgate Amexem/America/Morocco and its citizens. Moroccans who return to the international laws for Morocco and its treaties which are the supreme law for the lands, are the ministers and consuls to enforce international law according to AA222141 (TITLE 22 FOREIGN RELATIONS AND INTERCOURSE), 1880 Treaty at Madrid (Right of Protection in Morocco), article III (courts) mentioned in the Constitution of the United States of America, the Act of Algercias, Geneva Convention and all Morocco Treaties.

Making payment declares, I am upholding my private trust in international law, I certify that I am the living Moroccan Empire state heir or heiress for all information provided in this affidavit and all information provided to Morocco Registration is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Anyone in violation of the living will, trust or Treaty obligations for the appellation in this affidavit will be subject to fines, liens, levies and/or the highest punishment for treason against the Morocco Empire state government.

this information is reported as article III court moroccan law, public notice, news, study, research and higher learning for community improvement throughout the world. all rights reserved. te king


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