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“Do not throw away your Bibles I’m going to use them to condemn the government“.

European colonists came to America with their CORPORATION Bible version of Moroccan heritage, mixed with spells and parables from a slave culture. Their version of this Bible book was the formula used to hypothecate Moroccan people and lands in Americas, along with the use of missionaries.

Noble Drew Ali founded the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. to liberate Moroccan culture and establish lawful de jure government in the Americas.

CORPORATION DE JURE – a Latin term for a company that is organised in strict accordance to the governing laws. Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd edition.

science (n.) mid-14c., “what is known, knowledge (of something) acquired by study; information;” also “assurance of knowledge, certitude, certainty,” from Old French science “knowledge, learning, application; corpus of human knowledge” (12c.), from Latin scientia “knowledge, a knowing; expertness,” from sciens (genitive scientis) “intelligent, skilled,” present participle of scire “to know,” probably originally “to separate one thing from another, to distinguish,” related to scindere “to cut, divide,” from PIE root *skei- “to cut, split” (source also of Greek skhizein “to split, rend, cleave,” Gothic skaidan, Old English sceadan “to divide, separate”). source etymology dictionary

Below Christian indoctrination using THE HOLY BIBLE as COLONIZATION & CORPORATION tool to enslave the minds of aboriginal peoples.



DE FACTO CORPORATION – A firm that isn’t de jure corporation. It can be treated as such due to promoters that attempt to incorporate.

The united colonies who became the united states of america brought the “Holy Bible” de facto Corporation to America in 1663. This Corporation enslaved the minds of the aboriginal people creating false land deeds of trust, in violation of International Treaty Law. In 1928 Noble Drew Ali created the first de jure supreme lawful Corporation for aboriginal people and subjects called “Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc.”

United Colonies

COLONY – A dependent political community, consisting of a number of citizens of the same country who have emigrated therefrom to people another, and remain subject to the mother-country. U. S. v. The Nancy, Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd edition.

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Below are definitions for reference and study.

Civil Law – The right of heirs or legatees to unite or aggregate with their shares or portions of the estate the portion of any co-heir or legatee who refuses to accept it, fails to comply with a condition, becomes incapacitated to inherit, or dies before the testator. Anderson v. Lucas, 204 S.W. 989, 993, 140 Tenn. 336. Under a deed of trust: Miller v. Douglass, 192 Wis. 486, 213 N.W. 320, 322. Black’s Law Dictionary 4th edition.

RELIGION – plied with the terms of the deed of trust. Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd edition

DEED OF TRUST – An instrument in use in many states, taking the place and serving the uses of a common-law mortgage, by which the legal title to real property is placed in one or more trustees. Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd edition.

BLACK CODE (Christian) – A name given collectively to the body of laws, statutes, and rules in force in various southern states prior to 1805, which regulated the institution of slavery. Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd edition.

Christian – A brotherhood of warriors, they were named Christians, in derision, by the Hebrews. One who rushes into a multitude of rioters, and, with a sword, and forces peace, is a true Christian. A people whose faith is in arms and standing armies. OAHSPE GLOSSARY 1882.

ALGONQUIN – the United States of North American Indians before their destruction by the Christians. OAHSPE GLOSSARY 1882

COLOR – An appearance, semblance, or simulacrum, as distinguished from that which Is real. A prima facie or apparent right. Hence, a deceptive appearance; a plausible, assumed exterior, concealing a lack of reality ; a disguise or pretext. Railroad Co. v. Allfree, 64 Iowa, 500, 20 N. W. 779; Berks County v. Railroad Co., 107 Pa. 102, 31 Atl. 474; Broughton v. Haywood, 01 N. C. 383. In pleading. Ground of action admitted to subsist in the opposite party by the pleading of one of the parties to an action, which Is so set out as to be apparently valid, but which is in reality legally insuflicient. This was a term of the ancient rhetori cians, and early adopted into the language of pleading. It was an apparent or prima facie right; and the meaning of the rule that pleadings in confession and avoidance should give color was that they should confess the matter adversely alleged, to such an extent, at least, as to admit some apparent right in the opposite party, which required to be encountered and avoided by the allegation of new matter. Color was either express, i. c., inserted in the pleading, or implied, which was naturally inherent in the structure of the pleading. Steph. PI. 233; Merten v. Bank, 5 Old. 5S5, 49 Pac. 913. The word also means the dark color of the skin showing the presence of negro blood; and hence it is equivalent to African descent or parentage. Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd edition.

North American Moors are the rightful heirs and heiresses for the Morocco Empire

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*Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Science Temple of AmericaInc. are de jure government for all Moroccan heirs and heiresses in northgate Amexem/America/Morocco and its citizens. Moroccans who return to the international laws for Morocco and its treaties which are the supreme law for the lands, are the ministers and consuls to enforce international law according to AA222141 (TITLE 22 FOREIGN RELATIONS AND INTERCOURSE), 1880 Treaty at Madrid (Right of Protection in Morocco), article III (courts) mentioned in the Constitution of the United States of America, the Act of Algercias, Geneva Convention and all Morocco Treaties.

this information is reported as article III court moroccan law, public notice, news, study, research and higher learning for community improvement throughout the world. all Morocco state government rights reserved. te king

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