Morocco Empire State government Historical Facts

Morocco Empire State Government Flag

Moorish Prayer

Facebook Collection by Te King, *note we do not endorse the descriptive term [“black“] to describe Nationals who are the sovereign heirs for the Empire of Morocco, particularly what is now called North America.

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Know the difference U.S. CORPORATION vs America the land


Historical Virginia

Using Religion to enslave

Unveiling the Maps

Original Egypt is North America

Mississippi Mound Builders

Seneca Moors in (Morocco) New York

George Washington

United States Republic Presidents

Aboriginal Amerikan Moors

The Moors and Thanksgiving

Birth Certificate fraud in America

Usurping DNA from aboriginal peoples

Freedmen Bank

1846 Frederick Douglass – The Northern Star newspaper : FREE PAPERS “Christian Methodist man- stealer”

Color of Law or Identification theft

Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. the first established Morocco state government.


Law for the Sea, Law for the Land

Federal Reserve Act of 1913

Rothschild purchase of Jerusalem and created Israel

Akmed Lorence “Moors [Black’s] in America and the Vietnam war”

Gaddafi speech 1988

The Morocco Empire

Malcolm X

Black Panther Party

Bill Crosby

Alice A. Parker

Mexicans & Thanksgiving


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