the truth about COVID-19 and the VAX

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see results from vaccine injections

“Brother Islam speaks on COVID-19”

click here for article “Damn You To Hell, You Will Not Destroy America” – Here Is The ‘Spartacus COVID Letter’ That’s Gone Viral

Public Law 2020 incentives and compensation for hospitals to get paid for diagnosis of covid-19

COVID NEWS 12/07/21

click here to research & study Remdesivir (RDV) used in C*O*V*I*D* protocol! ***warning***

what the vaccine does to your body 11/21/21
a prediction from 1981 about the injections
research Molnupiravir
vaccine weapons against humans

below is a sample affidavit you can use as an outline with your contracted employer, if your are moorish american national. this does not serve as legal advise.


affidavit of fact

to: Whom it may concern

from: (appellation)

ref: religious accommodation request form

i am (appellation) a moorish national. our national islamic creed forbids the intentional injection of foreign gene therapy (vaccines) and/or substances into our holy temple (body). i reserve all my rights as an aboriginal/indigenous american. my rights are further protected by the (CONTRACTED EMPLOYER) policy handbook page , prohibits discrimination against me based on my national origin and religious practices. i stand as a moorish national with protections internationally for “United Nations Rights for Indigenous People”.


(CONTRACTED EMPLOYER) policy handbook page

“King James Holy Bible”

“Holy Koran Circle 7”

“United Nations Rights for Indigenous People” article 24

“Constitution of the United States of America” September 17, 1787

nurse who volunteers to take vaccine dies
2nd Pfizer shot victim
why get vaccinated? CDC answers (if this video does not play on this platform please go direct to website)
Covid test kits may cause cancer? (if this video does not play on this platform please go directly to website)
click here for article
CDC gets sued! (if this video is blocked on this platform, please go directly to website)
tracking deaths labeled covid caused by vaccines (if this video is blocked on this platform please go directly to website)
covid 19 vax is gene therapy
40 year healthcare professional speaks out about covid
schools across america close due to vaccine sickness
what does the covid vaccine do?

#hellno2vaccines 2021
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