moroccan empire government news for April 2021

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correcting our status by emperor rami and grand shiek taj tarik bey
the call for freedom
grand shiek taj tarik bey
restoring the moroccan government 2021
capitalize or be capitalized by empress light tajiri bey
Warren Harding on Americanism in 1920’s Americanism (n.) 1781, in reference to words or phrases used in North America and distinct from British use, coined by John Witherspoon, president of Princeton College, from American + -ism. (American English “English language as spoken in the United States” is first recorded 1806, in Webster.) Americanism in the sense “attachment to or preference for the U.S.” is attested from 1797, first found in the writings of Thomas Jefferson. Source etymonline country (n.) mid-13c., “(one’s) native land;” c. 1300, “any geographic area,” sometimes with implications of political organization, from Old French contree, cuntrede “region, district, country,” from Vulgar Latin *(terra) contrata “(land) lying opposite,” or “(land) spread before one,” in Medieval Latin “country, region,” from Latin contra “opposite, against” (see contra-). The native word is land. Also from c. 1300 as “area surrounding a walled city or town; the open country.” By early 16c. the word was applied mostly to rural areas, as opposed to towns and cities. Meaning “inhabitants of a country, the people” is from c. 1300. As an adjective from late 14c., “peculiar to one’s own country (obsolete); by 1520s as “pertaining to or belonging to the rural parts of a region,” typically with implications of “rude, unpolished.” Source etymonline countryman (n.) c. 1300 (late 13c. as a surname), “one who lives in the open country, a peasant,” from country + man (n.). From mid-14c. as “one born in the same country as another.” Related: Countrywoman. Source etymonline
the fraud with America’s Corporate Land Banks by Dane Calloway below are two separate teachings concerning grammar. which is a corruption? does one represent the current system for Corporate American? does one intentionally cause morocco sovereignity loss of status?
there are two constitutions. one is organic and one is fraud.
study moors!
study moors!
northgate moorish government structure
dr g & empress sharon tracey gale bey discuss moorish nationality
use for writs in the moorish government by empress light tajiri bey
morocco empire national flag
averment of jurisdiction by empress sade renee el
constitutional case law by empress sade renee el
dred scott vs John F. A. Stanford 1857 by empress sharon tracey gale bey
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