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treachery all over the earth! treachery (n.) “treasonable or perfidious conduct,” c. 1200, from Old French trecherie, tricherie “deceit, cheating, trickery, lies” (12c.), from trechier “to cheat, deceive” (see trick (n.)). source: etymonline
Caucasian Immigrants evading to the morocco
evade (V.) 1510s, “escape,” from French evader, from Latin evadere “to escape, get away,” from assimilated form of ex “away” (see ex-) + vadere “to go, walk” (see vamoose). Special sense of “escape by trickery” is from 1530s. Related: Evaded; evading. Source: etymonline
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invade (v.) “enter in a hostile manner,” late 15c., from Latin invadere “to go, come, or get into; enter violently, penetrate into as an enemy, assail, assault, make an attack on,” from in- “in” (from PIE root *en “in”) + vadere “go, walk” (see vamoose). Compare evade. Related: invaded; invading. Source: etymonline
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