moorish national news for November 2021

moorish national flag

the inner gift and the unity of the body

“Chicago Meets Cleveland”

who are the first amerikans? “The Amerikan Heiress”

“Rise of the Moors” music video

six pack abs workout

mexico national flag

moorish connection to the mexican flag

Olmec ancient people and civilization of Mexico, 1787, from Nahuatl (Aztecan) Olmecatl (plural Olmeca), literally “inhabitant of the rubber country.” source: etymonline

moorish solutions
noble drew ali
court jester who attempts to disrupt moorish government

jester (n.) Sense of “buffoon in a prince’s court” is from c. 1500. source: etymonline

“Mexicans, Latinos and Hispanics are Moors”

minority (n.) 1530s, “state or condition of being smaller,” a sense now obsolete, from French minorité (15c.), or directly from Medieval Latin minoritatem (nominative minoritas), from Latin minor “less, lesser, smaller, junior” (see minor (adj.)).

Meaning “state of being under legal age” is from 1540s; that of “smaller number or part, smaller of two aggregates into which a whole is divided numerically” is from 1736. Specifically as “the smaller division of any whole number of persons” (in politics, etc.) is by 1789. The meaning “group of people separated from the rest of a community by race, religion, language, etc.” is from 1919, originally in an Eastern European context. source: etymonline

“Houston ridin slab”

“Aseer the Duke of Tiers”

“Moors and Mexicans”

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“Potential in the void”

U.N. meeting in New York on bio weapons for which the United States was not a participant. “think moor, before you inject anything foreign and to your body”

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“What is the future of the Moorish Nation”

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