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elteridon bey

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justice elteridon bey is a moslem article iii court vizier and consul advocate for moors who still consider themselves [“BLACK”], in the americas and abroad, which is a Christian Slave status taught in U.S. Schools and Churches across northgate morocco [america]. justice elteridon knows that through individual study and research those calling themselves [“BLACK”] will change their status to honor that of their forefathers and mothers who are moroccan moors and not “Slaves” as taught in these U.S. Institutions, once true knowledge has been acquired. justice eliteridon is inspired by the works of “Noble Drew Ali”, and carries the torch for love, peace, truth, freedom, and justice.

justice elteridon knows as moroccan moors our first step in becoming free to claim our inheritance is to release the false construct labels of [“Black or African American,etc.”], which has been attached to our strawman (all capital letters name) created from a false “State for Hypothecation” since the time we were born. This “Hypothecation” of names and labels allows false “GOVERNMENT” to plunder and steal moroccan land resources and earnings of the unconscious aboriginal/ indigenous moors who cling to the labels of [“BLACK or African American”] by declaring them minors in law.

moroccan national justice elteridon bey publishes articles and online news daily, weekly, monthly and yearly via moorish free media for the moorish communities throughout northgate morocco [america] which has reached worldwide in other countries, providing study and research articles, video blogs for the uplifting of humanity.

“hidden in plain sight [America] is Morocco.”

“vizier eliteridon bey”

Civil Orders July 4, 2014 letter to President Obama from Pope Francis

1880 Treaty of Madrid

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