Civil Orders July 4, 2014 letter to U.S. President Obama from Pope Francis

moroccan empire state national flag

moroccan speaks regarding Civil Orders July 4, 2014

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peon (n.) in Spanish America, “unskilled worker,” formerly in Mexico especially “a type of serf held in servitude by his creditor until his debts are worked off,”  1826, from Mexican Spanish peon “agricultural laborer” (especially a debtor held in servitude by his creditor), from Spanish peon “day laborer,” also “pedestrian,” originally “foot soldier,” from Medieval Latin pedonem “foot soldier” (see pawn (n.2)). The word entered British English earlier (c. 1600) in the sense “native constable, soldier, or messenger in India,” via Portuguese peao “pedestrian, foot soldier, day laborer.” source: etymonline

slave (n.) late 13c., “person who is the chattel or property of another,” from Old French esclave (13c.) source: etymonline

chattel (n.) early 13c., chatel “property, goods,” from Old French chatel “chattels, goods, wealth, possessions, property; profit; cattle,” from Late Latin capitale “property” (see cattle, which is the Old North French form of the same word). Application to slaves is from 1640s and later became a rhetorical figure in the writings of abolitionists.

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moroccan article iii courts supreme law in morocco [America]

empire state cestui que vie spirit truste

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