Special Report Morocco Government charges De facto U.S. Charles County Government with Treason which results in retaliation against Morocco Nationals

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Morocco Consuls Public Investigation

*Morocco Government demand release of Moroccan Nationals

~ Breaking News ~

Consulate General Lamont Maurice El attacked & injuried by de facto GOVERNMENT POLICE highway gang

Call to the People for aid and assistance http://www.enforcetheconstitution.org

Below is the ‘foreign policy’ of the UNITED STATES (Inc.) for all colorable law enforcement agencies, etc., that are operating de facto in Morocco at North-West Amexem / North American for the protection of the treaty rights of all nationals that are foreign to the UNITED STATES (Inc.), and for the enforcement of treaty obligations. 

‘Foreign Policy’ came into effect as a result of the UNITED STATES (Inc.) giving up their extraterritorial jurisdiction in Morocco by repealing Title 22 USC 141-143, and by abolishing the United States consular courts in Morocco pursuant to Public Law 856, Act of August 1, 1956. 

Public Notice

Aliens (adj) The meaning “residing in a country not of one’s birth” is from mid-15c. The sense of “wholly different in nature” is from 1670s. The meaning “not of this Earth” is recorded by 1920. An alien priory (mid 15c.) is one owing obedience to a religious jurisdiction in a foreign country. source etymonline

Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse!

– Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali (Noble Drew Ali)   


We need your support!!! We’re raising emergency funds for Consul General Lamont Maurice El and MUFTI Officer George Neal-Bey.

Please contact us by email:   Toni_Bey@proton.me to find out how to donate.

The trial date is April 19th 2023 at 9:00 am. Please be in attendance with us at Charles County Circuit Court located at 200 Charles Street La Plata, Maryland [20646].

MD Charles County Officials violated Morocco “Treaty of Peace and Friendship” with the United States of America

    United Nations Director, Investigations Division Office of Internal Oversight Services
1 United Nations Plaza, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10017, U.S.A +1 212 963 1111 (24 hours a day)

OIOS investigates misconduct allegations that involve personnel and entities within the United Nations Secretariat, including field missions.

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Enforce the Constitution

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All Moroccan Article III Consuls are encouraged to contact and file writ of habeas corpus upon de facto U.S. Government Charles County Sheriff Office and Detention Center at the address and numbers below. All Natural living human beings Moors and Public Citizens support your National Government and Consuls.

De facto Government: Charles County Detention Center 6905 Crain Hwy La Plata, MD 20646 phones 301-932-3101 / 301-932-3100

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International crime. A crime against international law, occurring when three conditions are satisfied: (1) the criminal norm must derive either from a treaty concluded under international law are from customary International law, and must have direct binding force on individuals without intermediate provisions of municipal law, (2) the provisions must be made for the prosecution of Acts penalize by international law in accordance with the principal of universal jurisdiction, so that the international character of the crime might show in the mode of prosecution itself (e.g., before the International Criminal Court), and (3) a Treaty establishing liability for the act must bind the great majority of countries. BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY Second Edition

Reporting Procedures to United Nations Vienna

Update 12/02/22 on Consular General Lamont Maurice El

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this information is reported as *article III court moroccan law, public notice, news, study, research and higher learning for community improvement throughout the world. te king

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