Morocco Empire State Government Monthly News for December 2022

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Consulate General Lamont Maurice El attacked & injuried by de facto GOVERNMENT POLICE highway gang

click here to read the Morocco “Treaty of Peace and Friendship” with U.S. Citizens

Clearly from the above video the hybrid European de facto Police violated the Morocco “Treaty of Peace and Friendship” with the hybrid Europeans (Citizens) and the Vienna Convention on Consular relations. Should International Warrants be issued for the Citizens involved in this gang activity against Morocco Nationals?

AMPAC (Colorado) Study Session LXXXI (81)~Jay Jermain Bey~ on Morocco Law & the United Nations

United Nations on Global Decolonization

AMPAG (Georgia) Vienna convention on the law of treaties 1969

click here for Moroccan Nationals who fell victim (subject) to U.S. Codes and Statutes


International crime. A crime against international law, occurring when three conditions are satisfied: (1) the criminal norm must derive either from a treaty concluded under international law are from customary International law, and must have direct binding force on individuals without intermediate provisions of municipal law, (2) the provisions must be made for the prosecution of Acts penalize by international law in accordance with the principal of universal jurisdiction, so that the international character of the crime might show in the mode of prosecution itself (e.g., before the International Criminal Court), and (3) a Treaty establishing liability for the act must bind the great majority of countries. BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY Second Edition

Consul General Lamont Maurice El orders for the release of Jafar Abdul Adl El under consular jurisdiction. Visit

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