Morocco Senate State Study Session on International Treaty Law

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Welcome to higher learning with the State Senate study sessions for Morocco International Law. Before you begin you will need pen and paper to take notes and to write down word terms for research after you complete each video session.

Senate (n.) an assembly or council usually possessing high deliberative and legislative functions: such as athe second chamber in the bicameral legislature of a major political unit (such as a nation, state, or province) —often used in capitalized form as the shortened name of a specific senate. bthe supreme council of the ancient Roman republic and empire 2the hall or chamber in which a senate meets 3a governing body of some universities charged with maintaining academic standards and regulations and usually composed of the principal or representative members of the faculty Merriam-Webster

AMPAC Government (Colorado) Study Session LXXIX (79)

AMPAC Government (Colorado) Study Session LXXX (80)

AMPAC Government (Colorado) Study Session LXXXI (81)

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AMPAG (Georgia) International Law & Statehood part 1

AMPAG (Georgia) International Law & Statehood part 2

AMPAG (Georgia) Rudder & Sextant Moorish Government Titles

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2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God

United Nations and Decolonization

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